I was brought up in a musical family. My dad had a Hammond organ and Baby Grand Piano in the Front room! He was in a band who played a variety of gigs in and around Somerset playing covers. I remember him supporting Ace at Taunton County Hotel. His first love was Jazz and he was an accomplished Jazz pianist.

I had always sung in choirs in Taunton but when I arrived in London as a teacher I joined a band, Licence. We dabbled with notoriety as you do [Beggars Banquet] with a Soft/Rock R n B sound but eventually split due to - yes you guessed it - ‘Musical Differences’. I took a break from singing. My next band was based in Chingford and I auditioned through the Melody Maker. Capital Twist were a rockier outfit. Again  our own stuff. Again we flirted with success but eventually it all petered out after some exciting gigs at the Greyhound, Rock Garden etc.

In the 90’s and noughties I acted at LADS in Loughton and occasionally did some musicals [Oliver, Mikado. Oklahoma] I sang in some Staff bands. Every couple of months I went over to Gary’s [Marrakesh] house for a good old fashioned sing song. Then Gary started playing with Brian [Bass] and asked me to join in. It’s a real buzz singing covers you’ve always wanted to sing with seasoned musicians and singers. Hope you like it too.

Musical influences:  Hall and Oates, Cado Belle , Blue Zoo, Steve Harley, Keane, Jethro Tull, Motown, Plan B. Anything that’s good  really.


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