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We specialise in creating a sound that will remind you of the days of your past when summers were long, dresses were long and hair was long too. Our set lists will remind you of those days you spent with your friends bringing records to listen to. The transistor radio and the sounds of the 60's and 70's.

With an occasional glimpse into the 80's and some contemporary materials, Marrakesh will provide you with music for that special occasion. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding or corporate function or perhaps that Saturday evening in the pub ... Marrakesh is the band for you.

With a different slant on our repertoire than the traditional pub rock band, we have put together a group of musicians who together have over 200 years of playing experience! All of the band have some claim to fame - having played with, supported or just been in the same room as famous rock, pop, or folk  heroes.

What remains important to all of us is the quality of our music and the fact that we love playing. We guarantee you'll enjoy a night of bringing back memories, singing along, dancing and playing that guess the song or artiste game!


Our Shows

After spending many months working on our set, we are proud to present a wide range of music from which you can select the songs for your special evening. With crystal clear vocals and guitars that match we are supported by an outstanding rhythm section holding that beat together for you to "Dance the Night Away".  Our musical backgrounds are diverse and have allowed us to delve deeply into the vaults to choose from an eclectic range - for some time we have often been asked if we could do something different to the 'norm' -  something unique. Now is your chance. Find out what we have selected and arranged to provide you with that something different ....... Take a look at our music list NOW


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